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Kaizen Institute – a provider of Lean services for 15 years

Kaizen Institute was established in 2002 and have been providing Lean services towards more than 100 private companies and a major part of the Norwegian public sector. Among customers are major companies like Statoil, Aker Solutions, DNB, Statkraft and Postnord. In the public sector we have been supporting the municipality of Oslo (capital in Norway) with it’s 50 000 employees, Skatteetaten (Norwegian tax authority), NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) and several other major public providers.

International experience

Kaizen Institute has taken several international assignments (e.g. England, Sweden, Iceland) and have resources and contact points in many countries. Scandinavien Lean Management has a high international reputation and countries in other parts of the world has shown interest in our Lean approach. (Mexico is one example.) We focus highly on the cultural elements needed to succeed in transforming an organisation into a real Lean executioner delivering improved results day by day.  Our 20 consultants have broad experience as line leaders and several have worked in multicultural companies (e.g. General Electric, Merck

The Lean Academy

Kaizen Institute has its own Academy where more than a thousand have been Lean certified only the last few years. We certify on 3 levels; Yellow, Green and Black Belt, and our feedback from customers are on a high level. One of the major banks in Norway, has used us extensively and the effect has been overwhelming. In 2016 they reached the final of the Norwegian Lean Project of the year!

We do English speaking training including exams and certifications at request.

Contact point

Africa: Nadia Aarab, Business Development Manager, tel: +47 478 233 80, e-mail:
Europe/ROW: Gunnar Forsund, CEO, tel: +47 977 555 00, e-mail:


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28. januar 2019

Kaizen konferansen 2019 – Bestill idag!

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10. september 2018

Størst i Bergen. Tilfører byggebransjen prinsippene om slank produksjon gjennom Lean.

Byggebransjen er i kraftig vekst. Og prinsippene for slank produksjon, som er hentet fra japansk produksjonsindustri, er på full fart inn i bransjen. Kaizen Institute i Bergen har etter to års drift i Hordaland og Sogn og Fjordane, seilt opp som en dominerende kursleverandør av Lean i Bergen og omegn.


09. mai 2018

Visualisering – synlig målstyring i egen virksomhet

Ett sentralt element i kurset er hvordan man gjennom synlige og tydelige mål kan få med seg teamet eller de ansatte til å trekke i samme retning. Hva er behovet? Hva er viktig for DIN virksomhet? Hva får prioritet?